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Wedding Guides and Invitations at:
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So What's New?

New Wave Printing is changing to better serve you. Below is a list of what has been changed recently and a short explanation of why we changed, along with some of our future ideas. If you have any requests we would certainly like to hear them at [email protected]. We hope you will be as excited about our new web site and features as we are and we hope these changes will help us serve you more efficiently. Enjoy!

New Artwork File Upload Procedures: E-mail is a very inefficient way to transfer your work to us. As such we have added a new file upload page to our web site. You can actually use one of two ways to transfer files to us. If you understand FTP procedures you may use your own FTP software program to upload files directly to our web servers. If you are not familiar with FTP procedures, then we suggest you use the file upload page we have provided. Instructions for both file transfers.

Online Ordering: We are excited to inform you that it is now possible to order the following work right on the web. No need to come in to our store, just pick what you want, upload files if needed, pay for the work, and have your order sent directly to you. Here's a list of what you can order online:

and more ......

PDF Files: This format crosses the both Mac and the PC worlds.  Please keep in mind that your artwork should be in CMYK format as well as a minimum of 300 d.p.i. (dots per inch) If you have any questions regarding any requirements please feel free to give us a call at 508-540-8775.  We are always glad to hear from you. 

Navigation Changes: We have redesigned the navigation and content of our web site to make things easier for you. In the past, if you were ordering Wedding Invitations online, there was no easy link to return to our main site, now the external partners pages have been integrated into our site so you can roam from one page to another with greater ease. The new design has also allowed us to make our pages smaller in width, thus allowing users with smaller browser's to view our pages without scrolling left and right. If you see other changes we should make - let us know !

We will be doing more in the future and as we add features we'll let you know here on this page. So if you don't see what you need, tell us, and check back often as you need.

Thank you.
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