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File Upload Instruction Page.

When sending your artwork and attachments to us please follow these instructions.
Before you upload any files please read these guidelines.

Please do NOT e-mail files to us!
E-mail files are often corrupted through the e-mail process. The average e-mail message goes through five different servers before they reach there destination. This means there is a high chance your attachment will not be readable when it gets to us.

In order to correct this we have set up two ways for you to send us your files. One is to use your FTP Software (FTP File Instructions). If you are not familiar with such software than we recommend you use our New Wave Printing File Upload Page (New Wave Upload Page Instructions).

Files names should be labeled as follows: (your companyname)_(jobname).(type of file) For example if your Company Name is ABC Company, and the job name is Sally's Business Cards, and the file type is a .GIF file then the name of the file should be:
abc_sallybusinesscards.gif or
Upper and lower case names are acceptable. This process allows us to easily identify the work being submitted. It will also reduce the risk of file transfers being overwritten by others. (The risk of this is slim, but it is a good idea to name files as requested.)

Acceptable files for transfer:
We do accept most graphic file types. We prefer Photoshop and Pagemaker EPS files. If you have a specific type font you want, please specify the font, and/or include the font file in transfer. Here is a list of files you may use.

Macintosh Programs  

Acrobat Reader 5.0
Adobe Illustrator 8.0
Adobe Pagemaker 6.5
Adobe Photoshop 5.0
Microsoft Word 98 (Macintosh Version)
Quark 4.1

File extensions our Macintosh can use:
.psp .psd .pdf .doc .gif .jpg .jpeg .txt .rtf .sit (Stuff it file extensions must be compatible with programs on left) .eps .png .tiff     (not a complete list)
Windows Programs
Microsoft Word 2000 (Windows Version)
Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.0
Macromedia Flash 5.0
Macromedia Fireworks 3.0
Photoshop 4.0
Publisher 2000
Paint Shop Pro 3.0
File extensions for Windows you can use include: .psp .psd .doc .gif .jpg .jpeg .txt .rtf .zip (Zip file extensions must be compatible with programs on left) .png .bmp .swf .fla Tiff    (not a complete list)

We have recently added our ability to use Windows programs. Presently we can print in Black and White, but have limitations as to the color files we can print. We hope to have this problem corrected shortly and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Also note Quark files have limitations and are NOT recommended to be used for any artwork. If it's all you have we can adapt, but it is not recommended.

Color Artwork: If you have two (or more) colors in your project we will need the color separation files for each color to be used. Each separation should be done in Black. The reason for this is because particular colors will not create useable press plates. Thus create a separate file for each color used.

We do NOT accept any executable files. This includes but is not limited to .exe, .cgi, .dll, or system files. Any such files will be deleted immediately. Anyone abusing this policy will be banned from our site.

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Upload Page Instructions

Assuming your artwork has already been created and stored on your computer you will need to do the following to upload your file to us via our web page.

1: You must be connected to the Internet and go to the following page:

2:Click the Browse Button. This will open a window of your computer files. Browse through the computer until you find the file you wish to send us. Highlight (you may need to double click) this file to place the file name into our form. The window will close and you should see the file you wish to upload in our form.

3. To send the file(s) Click the button labeled "Upload". You may need to wait a short time (especially if you have a large file and a 56K modem). During this time the file is being transferred to our server.

You have successfully uploaded the file if the page redirects to a second upload page. This page will say your file has been uploaded successfully.

You may upload three files per upload. If you send more than three files - repeat this process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (508) 540-8775.
Thank you for using New Wave Printing for your printing needs.

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FTP Instructions

The following is instructions for anyone who wishes to use a FTP Software program to upload files. Please be sure you read the guidelines above. We assume you are familiar with FTP procedures and understand how to set up your program. We will not give instruction on what a FTP program is, or how to set one up - if you do not already understand ftp procedures use our file upload instructions and page.

If using an a FTP client software program use the information provided below. Windows users can try Cuteftp and Macintosh users try Fetch, both have free trail programs.
Here is the information you will need to set ftp program:
Host Name:
User Name: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]
Upload Directory: /incoming
No other names or directories will work or are allowed.

You will NOT see your files in your ftp client software. This is to protect your files from being viewed by unauthorized individuals. This is for everyone's protection, do not be alarmed. Your files have been (or will be) transferred.

You will not see any confirmation of your files having been uploaded, except for what your FTP Software provides.

Thank you for using New Wave Printing for your printing needs.

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