New Wave Children’s Book Order Form.

This form should be filled in completely and mailed to:
      New Wave Printing
      91 Spring Bars Road
      Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540
Or Fax to: 508-548-1586.

Book Desired   (Use ONE form per personalization information wanted. )

__African American Heroes ($13.95)
__Spiderman ($18.95)
__The Looney Tunes ($18.95)
__Batman ($13.95)
__Baby Jesus ($13.95)
__Jewish Holidays ($13.95)
__NFL Super Bowl Game ($13.95)
__Go-o-oal, A Soccer Story ($13.95)
__Little Mermaid ($13.95)
__Three Little Pigs ($13.95)
__Sesame Street ABC and Me ($15.95)
__Sesame Street Let’s Count ($15.95)

__African American Santa ($13.95)
__Star Wars ($15.95)
__Farm Animals ($13.95)
__My Day on Sesame Street ($15.95)
__Noah’s Ark ($13.95)
__Sports Superstar ($13.95)
__Quest for Camelot ($13.95)
__Santa ($13.95)
__Mother Goose ($13.95)
__School is Fun ($13.95)
__When I Grow Up ($13.95)
__Teddy Bear Land ($13.95)

Personalization Information (Please print clearly)
This is the information that will be used in your personalized book.

First Name: ________________________    Nickname: (optional)____________________
Middle Name: ______________________    Last Name: ___________________________
Age: (optional): ________        Hometown: ______________________________________
State: _______________

Three friends or relatives: ___________________________ (required)
_________________________ (optional) and/or ___________________________ (optional)

Dedication Lines: (printed in order -- line 1, who from, line 2)
Line One: _______________________________________
Book is from: ____________________________________
Line Two: _______________________________________

Additional information needed for some books:
For NFL Super Bowl Book and Soccer Book (required if book is ordered)
Favorite Player: ___________________________________
Winning Team: ____________________________________
Losing Team: _____________________________________

For School is Fun Book (required if book is ordered)
Teacher’s Name: _________________________________
School’s Name: __________________________________

New Wave Printing Children’s Order Form (continued)

Mail Book(s) To:
Zip Code:___________
Home Telephone:_________________
During the day telephone:__________________

Shipping Information:
__Will Pick Up  __Mail to above:  __Will call you

Method of payment:
__Check or Money Order
          (Mail form with check or money order Payable to: New Wave Printing)
__Credit Card (Form can be mailed or faxed in)

__Visa          __MasterCard

Name on Card:___________________________
Billing Address:___________________________
Billing Town:____________________
Billing State:___________
Billing Zip Code:______________

Credit Card Number:__________________________
Expiration Date:_____________

Signature as on Credit card:____________________________________

Cost of book(s) ordered:___________
5% tax if ordered from Massachusetts:____________
Total Amount Enclosed or Billed to Credit Card:_____________

Thank You For Your Order

New Wave Printing
91 Spring Bars Road
Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540
Telephone: 508-540-8775   Fax: 508-548-1586